How the Prop 8 Ruling is Being Played: Screenshots

With news that a federal judge in California struck down Proposition 8, a look at how the story was being played on various websites within an hour of the ruling:

New York TimesNew York Times

San Francisco Chronicle

LLos Angeles Times

Washington Blade

Fox News

The Advocate


Gay City News

Huffington Post

Drudge Report

Wall Street Journal

National Review


2 Responses

  1. Lead story on evening newscasts but not without errors/lapses:
    Two errors in ABC’s Prop 8 ruling report … issue ‘driven by the courts.’ Correction: Vt, NH, and DC enacted same-sex marriage rights by legislation; so did Maine, before repeal by referendum … ‘String of victories’ in courts: correction: NY, MD, Washington highest courts rejected same-sex marriage suits
    One reporting lapse on PBS NewsHour: reporter did not know that judge stayed decision; with 4 hours, not enough time to read the docket sheet?

  2. […] Print Media Posted on August 6, 2010 by Michael R. Triplett Finishing up our coverage of  how the Prop 8 was played, a look at some of this week’s LGBT print […]

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