Why LGBT Journalists Are Important

One of the perennial questions for NLGJA is explaining why our organization is necessary and why openly LGBT journalists in the newsroom are important. I can’t think of a better example than this video, from the Twin Cities’ Fox9 anchor Jason Matheson who is on “Good Day Minnesota.”

Here, he talks about the story of Justin Aaberg, a teen who committed suicide after being bullied. After talking about the need for more education and people stepping-up to help kids, he talks about his own experience of being bullied and called “the f-word.” The reaction from his co-host shows how unexpected and moving the segment was.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There’s often a question of why–especially in television–there is a need for more openly LGBT anchors and reporters. Not every story needs self-disclosure, but the idea that openly LGBT journalists can’t bring some perspective–and sometimes self-disclosure–to a story that helps illuminate it is challenged in this piece.


3 Responses

  1. Dan Savage has launched what I think is a pretty wonderful project that does exactly what the co-host suggests: Lets kids know that “it gets better,” and that life can be pretty wonderful. Everyone’s invited to participate.

    It’s here: http://is.gd/fnfzh

  2. […] the pleasure of meeting Michael Tripplet, who contributes to the NLGJA’s blog. Today, Michael answer the question that was batted around the convention: Do gay journalists still matter? This clip from […]

  3. Shouldn’t that be openly LGBTI journalists – the I standing for intersex?

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