NLGJA’s Advocacy Gets Results at Philadelphia Daily News

One of the important roles of NLGJA is to advocate for fair and objective coverage of LGBT issues.  A crucial component of that work is our Rapid Response Task Force that looks at questionable coverage and advocates–journalists to journalists–for change.

nlgjaRecently, the task force reached out to the Philadelphia Daily News over its description of trangender woman who was found dead.  The task force sent a letter from executive board member Ken Miguel, who chairs the task force. That letter was then followed-up by national board member Sarah Blazucki of the Philadelphia Gay News.

As a result of that outreach, the Daily News “has altered its style when referring to transgendered people” and revised the original story. Our interaction with the paper was positive and productive and a good example of how NLGJA’s journalists to journalists approach can be successful.

In recent months, the RRTF has considered and responded to a number of other situations, including offensive language regarding transgender people in a New York city paper, concerns over refusing to carry same-sex marriage announcements at a Jewish newpaper in New Jersey, and an offensive poll at a Texas television station.

If you see incidents you would like the RRTF to respond to, please contact NLGJA.


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