Towleroad Interviews Thomas Roberts

Now that Thomas Roberts is a permanent fixture on MSNBC, it’s nice to see he continues to talk to online media like Towleroad as well as larger outlets. Roberts, who hosted NLGJA’s New York fundraiser in March, is unafraid of talking about his role as an openly-gay journalist and one of the few people to break network television’s lavender glass ceiling.  Here’s a couple of highlights from the interview with Towleroad’s Steve Pep.

SP: You told me last year that though you’re not a fan of outing people, that you wish some closeted people would “grow a pair.” What do you think is the biggest fear possessed by news anchors who live openly gay in their private lives but choose to not come out publicly?

TR: I think the biggest fear is self acceptance.  We all have different timing for when that comes along.

SP: Your colleague, Rachel Maddow, recently revealed three beliefs she has about gay news anchors. Do you agree with any or all of her these?

TR: Rachel is brilliant and I love her.  Enough said!

SP: Which LGBT issues do you believe deserve the most media attention right now?

TR: I have been so saddened by this recent rash of LGBT suicides and I think talking about it and covering it has been a great help.  I still think the dialogue needs to remain open.  I also feel the same sex bi-national couple issue is huge.  There are same-sex couples who have been married legally in this country and now face being split apart because they are not recognized by the federal government.

SP: Do you think there is enough coverage of LGBT-related issues in the mainstream media?

TR: I think we have never seen more than we do today.  I am proud to be part of that nudge and I only think we will see more.  Just showing up for work on a daily basis puts an LGBT face in mainstream media, whether we are covering an LGBT issue that day or not viewers see me daily.  That in itself is a great accomplishment.


2 Responses

  1. Classic, just classic. One of these days, an LGBT blogger or journalist will ask someone from MSNBC the most truly relevant questions for our community in today’s economy:

    Why does MSNBC cover same-sex marriage and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as well, if not better, than any other news outlet but completely ignore the civilian job crisis in our community, in other words, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act?

    Isn’t giving so much attention to LGBT government employees (DADT) but completely ignoring the discrimination faced by our civilian LGBT American workforce, especially in the 28 states that don’t protect gays and lesbians and the 37 states that don’t protect transgender people, much like covering a mugging in great detail while completely ignoring a bank robbery taking place right in front of you at the same time?

    Oh and also:

    Why was MSNBC the sole major media outlet that totally ignored the Chrissy Polis McDonald’s beating story? It made ABC This Week last Sunday and even Hannity covered it, using proper pronouns for Chrissy no less. Why does MSNBC completely erase civilian LGBT Americans and trans people especially from its coverage?

    Sadly, I guess we’ll just have to keep on waiting for those answers.

  2. […] yeah? What about CNN’s Don Lemon?  MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts?  Or Steve Kornacki who co-hosts at 3 p.m. for […]

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